CCPA Participates in Enbridge Pipeline Public Forum

On February 16 the Green Action Centre, along with several other organizations, hosted a public forum on the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline. This pipeline, if built, will run from Alberta’s tar sands to the pristine northern coast of B.C. It will send crude oil to Kitimat B.C., which will host hundreds of oil tankers that will ship the crude to China.

Before reaching the coast, the pipeline will pass through B.C’s Great Bear Rain Forest and other natural areas. Given the track record of the oil industry, we must ask what the impact of a pipeline leak will be.

The consequences of an oil spill in these treacherous waters will be devastating, with unthinkable damage to wildlife and First Nations communities.

Notwithstanding the environmental concerns, it is not even clear if there is a credible economic argument to be made for going ahead with the pipeline. The political economy of the tar sands already creates regional disparities and jeopardizes our national energy security.

The panel included Gerald Amos from Haisla First Nation (B.C.), Lynne Fernandez from CCPA Mb., Anne Lindsay and Wade Davis, explorer in residence for the National Geographic Society. To view a video of the presentations, go to:

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