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13.03.13 our stories

You are invited to the

Framework Agreement Signing Ceremony
KIP International School and Winnipeg Partners
May 6, 2013

Circle of Life Thunderbird House
715 Main Street, Winnipeg
RSVP to ccpamb@policyalternatives.ca or call 204-927-3200

Order of Event

2:30     Doors open  – coffee/tea/snacks

3:00     Opening Prayer (Aboriginal Elder)

3:05    Welcome, introductions and overview of the Manitoba Research Alliance and the International Laboratory Initiative, (John Loxley,  Principal Investigator,  Manitoba Research Alliance)

3:15    Introduction of Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Pow Wow Club (Diane Roussin)

3:20     Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre Pow Wow Club

3:35     Introduction of panel (John Loxley)

•    Greg Selinger, Premier,  Province of Manitoba
•    Diane Roussin, Executive Director, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre
•    Kathy Mallett, Executive Director, Community  Education Development Association
•    Brendan Reimer, Regional Coordinator, Canadian Community Economic  Development Network
•    Lloyd Axworthy, President, University of Winnipeg
•    David Barnard, President, University of Manitoba
•    Shauna MacKinnon, Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Manitoba
•    Sara Swartz, Director, Universitas Programme

4:20    Official signing

4:21    Video:  Breaking barriers, building bridges

4:40    Closing comments (John Loxley)

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