Thank you for a great supporter week

Jess Karen and Mandy (dog) warming up the pizza ovenThanks to everyone who came out to our supporter week open house on Thursday. The open house at the Social Enterprise Centre had some some great conversation as well as a taste of some wood fired pizza, made onsite in Gretel’s hand-crafted mobile oven. You can still download the video of the inspiring discussion between Lynne Fernandez and Jim Stanford on Economics for Everyone. Jim’s take away message for young activists fighting austerity and neoliberalism: “Educate, organize, mobilize”.

Meanwhile, CCPA continues to need your support. If you did not have a chance to sign up or renew your membership, I encourage you to do so today. CCPA’s progressive policy research plays an essential role in catalysing change and advancing social justice.

The best way to ensure progressive research continues to be published in Manitoba is by supporting the CCPA-MB. Help us continue to do community-based research and commentary on issues of social justice and environmental sustainability. To find out how you can support the CCPA go to our website:


or call our office 204-927-3200.

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One response to “Thank you for a great supporter week

  1. jeanpalmer34@yahoo,ca

    Thankyou all for making us all feel welcome. It was a really enjoyable housewarming. good to see so many young people who care a great deal. it is difficult work that you do and must take great perseverance and courage. but please continue knowing that you are appreciated by hundred and hundreds of us who can only speak with confidence when we have the facts that you gather. Sincerely. Jean Palmer

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