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New Report: What does it take to house a Syrian Refugee?

Supporting Refugee Housing and Resettlement Beyond the Syrian Refugee Crisis

By Ray Silvius, Hani Ataa Al-Ubeady, Dyland Chyz-Lund, Carlos Colorado and Emily Halldorson

In this report we demonstrate the specific constellation of events, initiatives, and supports that contributed to housing refugees from Syria who arrived in Manitoba beginning in November 2015.  Relative to those of other recent refugee arrivals to Canada, the ‘Syrian Case’ has been unique, insofar as a considerable amount of national attention was devoted to the matter.  The arrival of Syrians has been politically polarizing–indeed it became a decisive issue during the 2015 federal election in Canada and served as a touchstone for arguments for and against immigration to Canada, in general, as well as as supportive and reactionary sentiments about the presence of Muslims in Canadian Society.   Read more…..

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Newcomer families: The role of housing and wrap around supports in Winnipeg


IRCOM staff and participants.

By Jill Bucklaschuk,

As housing advocates across the country recognize National Housing Day on November 22nd, we must continue to acknowledge the central role of housing in building inclusive communities and seek ways to ensure that all low-income families have access to affordable, safe, and good quality housing. Vulnerable and marginalized populations such as newly arrived immigrant and refugee families all too often suffer the indignity of scouring the private rental market for suitable housing only to face discrimination, unaffordable rental rates, poorly cared for buildings, and undesirable neighbourhoods. Upon arrival in Canada, obtaining housing is a top priority for newcomer families, but finding a suitable residence proves to be a profound challenge without social networks, employment prospects, and knowledge about the nature of both rental markets and neighbourhoods. Continue reading

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Lesson from Syrian refugee resettlement in Winnipeg

By Hani Al-Ubeady, Emily Halldorson and Ray Silvius

As the Syrian refugee crisis continues, so do Canada’s — and Manitoba’s — obligations toward refugee resettlement. With a reported 900 Syrians to arrive in Manitoba before the end of this year, what have we learned since last autumn?

We believe the overall response from Canadians and Manitobans during the Syrian refugee crisis of late 2015 and early 2016 was overwhelmingly positive, despite vocal detractors. There was a flood of donations of money, furniture, material and time Canadians contributed toward Syrian refugee resettlement. There was a surge in initiatives to sponsor Syrian refugees under the private sponsorship program. Continue reading

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